Skyglide Langkawi

About Skyglide Langkawi

The SkyGlide Langkawi is a comfortable cabin style vehicle that carries visitors from the top station to the sky bridge. The cabin can accommodate around 12 people per ride, and is spacious enough to accommodate privacy, while the visitors soak in the picturesque views of the landscapes around. The cabin ride is not the only way to reach the Sky bridge, as visitors, seeking adventure, can also choose to walk there. However, the cabin ride is the fastest way to reach the beautiful bridge that is nestled 100m above ground. The cabin can glide in both upwards and downwards direction depending on the incline of the rails. Visitors will have to book the Sky glide tickets separately as they are not included in the Sky cab tickets. Those visitors who are traveling from the Sky bridge to the top station can book their Sky Glide tickets on the mobile ticket counter.

Attractions near Skyglide Langkawi

6D Cinemotion

As one of the first outdoor 6D cinematic experiences in the entire continent of Asia, the [6D Cinemotion]( is a landmark experience for the tourists. The 6D motion, which combines 3D and 5D special effects, is also a first of its type in Langkawi and features a variety of amazing effects. Visitors experience delight in the 6D world, and real life simultaneously.

Selfie Museum

Both Millennials and members of Generation Z can have fun at the Selfie museum after enjoying the Langkawi Cable Car. The museum has beautiful backdrops for Instagram-worthy pictures. Visitors can take selfies in front of a variety of dessert-themed backdrops that they can select. The location has good lighting and artistic neon lights.

VR Universal

The VR Universal is a top-notch virtual reality experience made up of 12 incredible attractions spread out over a 12000 square foot space. Visitors can communicate with their virtual pals and experience virtual reality at the theme park. Visitors can don various avatars and play action-packed video games against zombies and malevolent characters with [Langkawi cable car package](

Sky Cab

Visitors can enjoy a ride in the Sky Cab that glides over rock formations that are 550 million years old, which is a stunning and intriguing experience. This region's best cable car experience is a result of the breathtaking vistas of the deep jungle. The Sky Cab is a trip that gives its passengers a big adrenaline boost and is tucked away in the lush surroundings.

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Sky Dome

The [Sky Dome]( was curated with the sole purpose of cutting down the waiting line in the Langkawi cable car experience. The Som shaped structure houses 12 3D sensors that provide a 360 degree view of amazing 3D experience. Visitors are swiftly transported to an outer space experience as they embrace the 10 minute ride during their visit to this popular tourist destination.

3D Art

The 3D art museum is nestled close to the Oroental village and is spread across 21000 sq ft. The 3D museum is home to some of the most fascinating 3D art works and interactive paintings commissioned by internationally acclaimed artists.

Oriental Village

The Oriental Village is a stunning centre with 95 outstanding stores and dining establishments that provide visitors with a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Sky Cab and Langkawi Bridge, both of which offer a distinctive chance and experience, is where the fun begins. Visitors can indulge in the breath-taking environment surrounding them, and enjoy the chirpy atmosphere provided by the oriental village.

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Machinchang Petland

The Machinchang Petland is a special attraction that offers guests a wonderful opportunity to engage with the animals in a secure setting. Raccoons, tiny donkeys, and many other fascinating animals are among the 81 species of magnificent animals that the zoo is home to. Upon visiting the zoo, tourists are also allowed to feed certain animals with specific protocols to be followed. It is one of the best [things to do in panaroma Langkawi](

Sky Bridge

The [Langkawi sky bridge]( offers its visitors a stunning and exhilarating experience. It is regarded as the most amazing man-made structure. Perched over the Machinchang mountain is the Sky Bridge, which was constructed in 2004. The Langkawi Cable Car's top station provides access to the bridge. Sky bridge, which is about 100 metres above ground, gives tourists a significant adrenaline rush.

FAQs For Langkawi Cable Car

What Skyglide Langkawi is famous for?

The SkyGlide Langkawi is known for its amazing views of the lush green landscapes that surround the popular tourist destination of panorama Langkawi. It is also an easier way to travel to the Sky Bridge and definitely takes less time than walking.

What is the best time to visit Langkawi cable car?

The [best time to visit Langkawi cable car]( is in morning. Visitors should definitely try to visit this tourist attraction Langkawi cable car early in the morning as the panorama Langkawi has less crowds during this time. Also, since the weather is clear and pleasant, not many people opt for it therefore resulting in less waiting periods.

Is Langkawi cable car highest in the world?

No, the Langkawi cable car is not the highest in the world. However, it offers the visitors with beautiful views, and much more with its various nearby attractions. The cable car is also popular among thrill seekers as it also offers adventure to the visitors.

How long is Langkawi cable car ride?

The Langkawi cable car is approximately 2.1km long and offers visitors a chance to enjoy the stunning lush landscapes of the Machinchang mountain. The ride itself takes 15 minutes but the cable car is surrounded by various other activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Are Langkawi cable car tickets available online?

Yes, [Langkawi cable car tickets]( are available online for tourists to purchase them in advance. They can also find some amazing deals and combos to make their experience even better. If the visitors wish to avoid waiting time and long queues at the ticket facility, they are advised to book tickets online.

Is the Langkawi cable car tickets price the same for everyone?

No, the Langkawi Cable Car prove is not the same for everyone. The ticket prices are based on age and are different for kids and adults. It also depends on the booking preferences made.


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