Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the world's most stunning and unique pedestrian bridges. The breathtaking structure is 125 metres long, and has a curvy design, which is a marvellous architectural feat in itself. The bridge offers a stunning view of the lush greenery, and beautiful landscapes of the mountains that surround the popular tourist destination of Manorama Langkawi. In addition to being a great vantage point with panoramic views, the bridge is also perfect for enjoying pleasant strolls and capturing beautiful shots.

Spanning a valley between two mountain peaks, with an elevation of nearly 3281 feet, the bridge is also one of the highest in the world. Visitors can either Sky Glide or hike towards the amazing bridge, crossing the lush green landscapes. The bridge itself is a great achievement in terms of design, and also has glass fittings as the base that allows visitors to look down through them. The Langkawi Sky Bridge creates a beautiful backdrop for romantic walks, spending time with friends, capturing memories, and is also a great location for all the adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The best time to visit Langkawi Cable Car station is on weekdays. Evenyou can visit in early morning during the weekdays.

Attractions near Langkawi Sky Bridge

6D Cinemotion

The 6d Cinemotion motion is a unique and creative experience for the visitors of Langkawi sky bridge. Visitors enjoy the amazing experience created by technology and combination of various virtual effects like 3-D screening and 5D seats. Essentially, you get to experience what the on-screen characters are experiencing.

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Selfie Museum

The selfie museum is exactly what it sounds like, a place for creating the best selfies for your Instagram. The museum is home to amazing backdrops that are based on deserts including cupcakes, ice cream, doughnuts and much more. The museum also keeps in mind the lighting of the place and is decorated by neon lights for better pictures. You can visit selfie museum with Langkawi cable car package.

VR Universal

VR universal is a brilliant virtual reality-based theme Park that offers visitors a unique chance to enjoy the technology and modern day gaming. Visitors will be able to interact with their virtual friends in a virtual world while playing different video games. They can add-on different avatars and defeat the evil villains, zombies, and other malicious characters during their mission.

Sky Cab

The sky cab offers the visitors a chance to enjoy the beautiful vistas surrounding the popular tourist destination. The ride is pretty fascinating and the visitors are left in awe of the natural beauty and lush green landscapes. As the cab glides in the air, visitors can feel the adrenaline rush and they get to capture some beautiful scenery.

Sky Dome

The Sky Dome was created to cut down the waiting line at the popular tourist attraction. The virtual ride takes the visitors on a journey to far away lands with 3D sensory images and effects. The Dome can accommodate around 50 people at a time and the activity lasts for about 10 minutes.

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3D Art

The 3D art museum is one of the most amazing and fun places to visit, along with the Langkawi Cable Car. The museum is located in Oriental Village and is a fascinating place that houses brilliant 3D paintings. The visitors will enjoy exploring the museum and the paintings, curated by internationally acclaimed artists.

Oriental Village

The Oriental Village is a beautiful hub of 95 amazing shops and dine in outlets that offer guests a wonderful and fun experience. The fun starts with sully cab and Langkawi bridge, both offering a unique opportunity and experience. The oriental village offers the visitors a chirpy vibe and they can enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them.

Machinchang Petland

The Machinchang Petland is a phenomenal attraction that gives guests a fantastic opportunity to engage with the animals in a secure and tranquil setting. The zoo is home to 81 different species of wonderful creatures, including raccoons, toy donkeys, and many others. The zoo offers visitors the chance to encounter unusual reptiles. It is one of the best [things to do in panorama Langkawi.

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Sky Glide

When in Sky Glide, visitors are transported on a pleasant and fascinating ride inside a cabin-like structure surrounded by luscious flora. The passengers get to ride along the rails from top to bottom, making for a wonderfully tranquil and an exciting experience. The majestic peak and its stunning vegetation are clearly visible from the glider.

Facts About Langkawi Sky Bridge

  • The total length of the Langkawi Sky Bridge is 125 metres. 
  • The total area of the bridge is 500 sq metres. 
  • The Sky Bridge was constructed in between the years of 2003 - 2004 and it took 12 months to design and build it. 
  • The maximum number of people the Langkawi Sky Bridge can hold is 250 at the most.The height of the only supporting structure in the bridge - the pylon - is 82 metres. 
  • The Pylon is grounded at the height of 605 metres and the total height of the pylon is 687 metres. 
  • The bridge was opened to the general public on 27th February 2005. 

FAQs for Langkawi Sky Bridge

What are soms of the tips for visiting Sky Bridge Langkawi?

- The visitors are advised to carry their own prescribed medication and equipment in case of any medical emergency. 

- The visitors are also advised to wear sunscreen and carry hats, sunglasses and other protective gear to protect themselves from sun damage.

- Always remember to layer up with a bit of warm clothes as the weather at the bridge can be a little bit chilly due to the bridge’s height and mountainous winds.

- Keep checking the official website of the Sky Bridge Langkawi for any updates regarding its opening time and closing time, and public holidays. Also look for weather updates to enjoy the visit at its best. 

- Always carry extra batteries for the camera to capture the stunning views that the visitors can see from the bridge efficiently.

How do you get to the Langkawi Sky Bridge?

Visitors have two options for going to the Langkawi sky bridge. They can walk through the lush landscapes of the tourist attraction or they can take the sky glide. The sky glide is the easier and faster way of reaching the sky bridge whereas the hike will provide them with a thrilling experience, and scenic views.

What is the Length of Langkawi Sky Bridge?

The Langkawi sky bridge is 410 feet long and provides the visitors with beautiful views of the lush green landscapes that surround it. The bridge is suspended in air and offers a thrilling experience to those who walk on it.

What type of bridge is the Langkawi Sky Bridge?

The Langkawi sky bridge is the cable connected curvy bridge that hangs 3281 feet above ground. The pedestrian bridge lets visitors enjoy the beautiful views of its surroundings.

Where can I buy Langkawi Cable Car tickets?

Visitors can buy the Langkawi cable car tickets at the Bay Station ticket Centre or online. To avoid longer waiting times and queues, it is recommended to book the tickets online.


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