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The Langkawi Cable Car is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions with scenic views and plenty of other places in vicinity for tourists to enjoy. With the most beautiful sights of the Machinchang range of mountains visitors will have a memorable trip with Langkawi cable car packages.

The Langkawi Cable car ride is 2150 metres long and rises to a height of 680 metres, providing a picturesque view of the lush rainforest's treetops. The 15-minute thrilling cable car trip offers an opportunity to experience adventure while also presenting a preview of the uncanny scenery of the historic rock formations and deep rainforests. The Langkawi Cable Car has 3 different stations that visitors will cross during their ride - The base station, the middle station and the top station. The top station is the best part and one of the main reasons to visit the Langkawi Cable Car. Visitors can also enjoy the spectacular views from the twin view platform.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge
  • By Cab: The Langkawi Cable Car station is located at the foot of the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, and is approximately 20 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport. Tourists will find it easier to get a cab near the airport and continue their journey to the Cable Car station.

  • By Car: The Langkawi Cable Car station has plenty of parking space and it is best to travel by car. Visitors will find it more comfortable and easily accessible, without any hassle or waiting period. The time taken will significantly reduce too when compared to a bus.

  • By walking: For visitors, who are putting up in the nearby resorts of the Langkawi Cable Car station, walking is also an amazing option. With the surrounding lush landscapes, and a fresh green view, tourists can walk up to the base station.

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What are the places to visit near Langkawi Cable Car?

    • 3D Art:Spread across an area of 21000 sq feet, this 3D art museum is nestled near the Oriental Village. The museum showcases amazing 3D artwork by international artists for visitors to explore.
    • 6D Cinemotion:One of the first 6D entertainment cinematic experiences in Asian and Langkawi, this place is set to surprise visitors during their visit. The place boasts various combinations of amazing technology including 3-D screening and 5D seats for a better experience.
    • Oriental Village:A beautiful hub that is home to around 95 shops and dine-in outlets on the western coast of Langkawi, this is the place where all the fun begins on the Sky Cab and the Langkawi bridge.
    • VR Universal:Its 12 renowned attractions spread around the 12,000 square feet store allow visitors to communicate with the digital world. By switching into an unique avatar, visitors can play action-packed games where users battle evil or Chinese zombies. These VR games will provide visitors with the finest video game experience of all time.
    • Machinchang Petland:Machinchang Petland, one of the most unusual zoos, offers visitors a fantastic chance to approach the wildlife. There are a remarkable 81 species of domesticated animals that visitors will be able to communicate with, such as the Raccoon, Black Eyed Marmoset, miniature donkey, and many other adorable creatures.
    • Sri Kandi:Sri Kandi is home to a great fashion collection that represents the age old tradition of women warriors and figures who stood up and fought for women's rights. The outfits are worn by both men and women and it makes them feel powerful and proud.
    • Selfie Museum:Just as the name suggests, Selfie museum is actually a place to get the best selfies to up the Instagram game. With amazing and unique backgrounds, visitors can get the best selfies with perfect lighting.
    • SkyRex:SkyRex is an adventure ride that lets visitors have their 5 minute in the most unique experience with a tram styled stimulator. The adventure feels realistic with all the dynamic motion, dramatic lighting, water spray and blasts of air.

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